What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy and refund depend on the booked activities.

1. For Hotel wildlife Safaris:
We book on behalf of clients and we (Tour operator) are required to pay full amount if booking is made within 45 days before arrival at the hotel. If not withing 45 days, we are required to pay at least 50% of any room reserved.

  • The Hotel cancellation fees:
    Any room cancellation within
    45 days attract 25% cancellation fee
    30 days attract 50% cancellation fee
    15 days attract 75% cancellation fee
    Less than 15 days or no show attract 0% refund

Accommodation is almost 55% of all tour costs.

  • Our Cancellation policy on hotel wildlife safari
    We reserve our safari vehicle 15 days prior to your arrival at no cost. Park fees and governments taxes are paid 3 days before your arrival.Generally, Hotel Safari cancellation fees depend on days left on Hotel cancellation fees and bank charges.

2. Camping wildlife Safaris:
For camping safari, safari cancellation can be done in 10days with 15% cancellation fees from total safari cost. 30days prior to camping safari doesn’t attract any charges.

3. Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru climb
Cancellation on Tanzania mountain trek can be cancelled at any time. 10days before arrival attract 15% cancellation fees of all total trekking cost.

4. Cultural tours and other activities
Cancellation of cultural tours, bike tour, walking safari, canoeing coffee tours and town tour does not attract any cancellation fees if booking is cancelled more than 10 days. Less than that, 5% cancellation fees of total activities cost will be charged.

On the above cancellation policies, you can simply do calculate on your own, on what is to be refunded.

We guarantee less than 30 days money refund of any due amount.