How much does it cost to do a private tour?

The cost of a private tour to Tanzania, like any other tourist destination in the world, depends on various factors;

  1. Type of accommodation
    Room type: Single, double, triple, family
    Standard: 1-5 Stars hotel, tented camps, camping
  2. Number of days to stay
    This is self explanatory. The more the number of days spent, the more money will be needed to cater for the services. A 5 days safaris will be cheaper that a 7 days safari.
  3. Number of people
    We provide prices per person sharing. This means that the more people traveling together, the less price they will pay per person.
    For example:
    The 9 days camping Serengeti Safari and Culture costs $2,164 per person if 2 people will travel together. so, the cost for both pax will be $4,328. but if 5 people travel together the cost per person will drop to $1,869, hence 5 people will pay $9,345‬ everything included as per itinerary.
  4. Activities to be done
    There are several tourist activities such as
    African wildlife safari
    Culture tours
    Walking Safari

    Mountain trek
    Bike tour
    CanoeingEach of these activities have their own costs. We recommend trying at least 2 activities.