What is the height of mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 5895 m and 4,900 meters high from its base, being the highest mountain in Africa “The roof of Africa” . It is a free standing mountains. Mt Kilimanjaro is located in north Tanzania, in Kilimanjaro region, just 40km from Moshi Town, around 1 hour drive and about 120km, 3 hrs drive from Arusha Town. The distance and time spent depend on which gate one wants to start the climbing.

There are routes that lead to mt. Kilimanjaro summit

  1. Marangu route
  2. Mwika route
  3. Machame route
  4. Lemosho route
  5. Umbwe route
  6. Rongai route
  7. Shira route

The duration taken to reach the Mt. Kilimanjaro summit ranges from 5 – 8 days, depending on various factors

  • Route
    Some routes are longer and more challenging than others.
  • Weather
    Rainy make the paths slippery. Several stops have to be made to wait for rain to stop. But dry season is best for Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing.
  • Age
    Young people do trek faster than most older people. We will recommend you the number of days according to your ages.
  • Personal Preference
    Some mountain climbers prefer to stay longer on the mountain despite the fact that they might have chosen the shortest and  simplest route.