Is Tanzania cheap to go on safari?

There are 3 types of safaris budget to Tanzania.

  • Luxury Safari
    This is the most expensive safari. You spend nights in expensive and luxurious hotel and some luxurious stuff in the safaris vehicle.
  • Mid-range Safari
    The type of accommodation we book for this kind of safari are neither cheap nor expensive. Most travelers prefer this safari as it is comfortable and enjoyable yet economical.
  • Budgeted Safari
    This is typically camping safari. Handling tents/camps are cheaper than spending nights in hotels or lodges. The good news is, you will have the same game drive/activities as the above 2 safaris.

You will note that, the above list is mostly differentiated by the type of accommodation.

There are several factors that determine price for safari price in Tanzania.

  1. Accommodation
    The type of accommodation you prefer determines a lot the total tour cost. Spending nights at 5 star hotels differs from 1 to 2 stars hotels or camping.
  2. Luxurious Stuff
    Extra luxury requirements booked during safari will also increase the cost. For example: 2 bottles of wine daily during safari
  3. Duration
    The number of days to be spent also directly sum up the cost.
  4. What you do and where you go
    The number of activities, attractions or sightseeing and  places to visit.
  5. Date/ Season
    The date of the safari also affect the tour cost. Peak season’s accommodation prices always go up than shoulder season.
  6. Number of travelers
    The number of people traveling together. The lower the pax the higher the price per person and vice versa. This is known as cost sharing.

Tanzania Tourist Seasons

  1. High seasons
    01 January to 31 March
    01 June to 31 October
    16 December to 31 December
  2. Low Season
    01 April to 31 May
  3. Shoulder Season
    01 November to 15 December

Considering the above factors, generally, tour to Tanzania in low season is much cheaper that in high season.